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Anonymous asked: I understand being a bitch to people who send you hate but you can be a fucking cunt in your answers when people are trying to defend the situation others put you in you fucking asshole.



Defend what situation, anon?

The situation where someone said The Lads should be fired for an innocent prank? Or accused the Lads of being lazy and contribute nothing to RT/AH?

I think my first answer was pretty thought out and neutral to being “a fucking cunt”, since I understand some people are not comfortable with those pranks.

But that anon (Who I’m assuming is also you, due to RAWR ANGER) sent me 3 asks demonizing kids in their 20’s messing around at work.

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Anonymous asked: On a scale from Micheal to Ray How much do you love Lindsay? The correct answer is yes.



Hells Yes.

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I cant stop taking pictures of myself. Ff


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I’m not sorry.


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Anonymous asked: Okay. Micheal and Gavin and Ray basically tried to suffocate Jon with a plastic bag??? That's really messed up. Why would they do that? I don't care if it was a prank, That's going too far. I hope Jon beat the shit outta one of them or reported them. I'm really tired of the 3 of them getting a get outta jail free card because they make money for the company. They are the only ones who don't do any actual work besides play video games.



"tried to suffocate Jon with a plastic bag??"

They literally put a bag on his head, and stepped back. They never tried to hold him down or choke him.

"They are the only ones who don’t do any actual work besides play video games."

That is a bullshit statement. Just because they don’t film it, doesn’t mean The Lads don’t do work. All three of them are extremely hard working.

I think you must be new to the fandom, if you think all the AH guys do is play video games.

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Anonymous asked: I really really dislike that video where Micheal and Ray and camera man harass that guy and put a plastic bag over his head. I don't care if it was a silly joke for the views and the lul's it's fucked up. Having a plastic bag put over your head is one of the most terrifying things ever. Whats worse is If that was done anywhere else in a company Micheal and ray and Mystery camera man would have been fired. It sucks that they won't even get a slap on the wrist for that cause they are money makers.



"Having a plastic bag put over your head is one of the most terrifying things ever."
I’ll agree that it’s not something you do to the everyday person, but the person they did it to was their friend. John’s not just an employee, he’s a friend of their. They have different comfort levels.

For example, I’m very comfortable going up to my dad and calling him a cunt. I could never do that with my mom. At my old job I was friends with the Supervisor and we’d often go out for drinks with other co-workers, and I believer while at work (before we were open) I told her to fuck off after she told me to clean something. We laughed and I went and cleaned the thing. At my recent job, even though I am on very good terms with my supervisor, I would never, ever, say that to her.

Honestly, sometimes it seems that the RT Fandom forgets the this company is like one giant family, and each of them have different comfort and tolerance levels for pranks and jokes. Burnie has said before that he’s protective of the staff, and if they’re not comfortable with pranks or even being on film, then they respect that.

"Whats worse is If that was done anywhere else in a company Micheal and ray and Mystery camera man would have been fired."

Myster Cameraman is Gavin. It’s Team Lads Action NEWS Team. Gavin is a lad.
Every company is different. Not every company is like the one on Office Space. There are companies that work hard and have a relaxed work environment.
And again…Rooster Teeth is a company that treats their employees like family. Not only that, if John really didn’t like that a bag was put over his head as a prank, they would have not released the video. The company makes sure everyone is comfortable being on film before releasing it, and they have in the past withheld content for that reason.

I understand you don’t like the video for personal reasons, and I’m not saying you have to, I’m just trying to explain the dynamic that is Rooster Teeth and their employees, and that the fact The Lads are popular doesn’t mean they’re allowed to whatever they want. In fact, I’m sure John Risinger has already paid them back for that stunt, because the Rismonger is awesome.

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yotsuba&! still hasn’t gotten an anime

get on that, j.c.

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In fact when I think about it. I’m starting to think people just dislike KyoAni because it’s the cool thing to do and it’s the more popular way of thinking. Which is pretty fucking stupid. 

they gave us nichijou

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